Wednesday, June 16, 2010

.:summer brunch:.

two of my favorite things in brookyn have coalesced into perfect weekends between 11-4. summer and brunch.

summer has just started, but brunch is always in full swing. the best thing about summer brunch is outdoor seating. there is nothing, and i mean NOTHING like a mimosa on a gorgeous morning, knowing that eggs, sausage, homefries, toast, coffee, & hollandaise on top of it all is yet to follow. your day can only get better from there.

rule #1 - never brunch alone!!
there is not a single person i know that doesn't like brunch. even if you call your friends up at 3:30 (most brunch is stopped serving at 4), you'll at least be able to gather up 12 people to come along. the only reason i've ever heard of people refusing brunch was they either just had brunch or are going to brunch somewhere else. everybody's doing it.

rule #2 - go to "real brunch".
"real brunch" is a term coined by rochesterians meaning alcohol with breakfast. a mimosa is the standard real brunch drink. however, most places are serving bloody mary(ies?)as well. depending on the mexican brunch place you go to, bloody marias and sangria have also been on the menu. don't ask me what a bloody maria is. but if you ask your hispanic boyfriend he'll make you believe that it is made with spanish liquor and you'll have no choice but to believe him.

rule #3 - go to Tom's rain or shine.
Tom's Restaurant is without a doubt, the most popular brunch place in brooklyn. If there is a line, wait in that line. trust me. the line moves quickly and you'll be full by the time you get inside. i have been offered everything in that line... oranges, french fries, sausage, cookies, coffee, strawberries with whipped cream, hand sanitizer, first born children, you name it...
my goto order at Tom's is 2 eggs scrambled, french fries, wheat toast, beef sausage with lemon, and coffee. now that i read that over, it's no wonder i have to be rolled to the bk flea every time.
new favorite at Tom's!! - LEMON RICOTTA PANCAKES. you don't even know. Although there is no outdoor seating at Tom's it's still great food and an amazing atmosphere.

it's only mid june and i've already been to Tom's the past 2 weekends. (i just realized i don't have a single picture from Tom's)
but here are some of the other places i've gone...

many more brunch shots to follow this summer.

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KP said...

Toms is no joke - one of the best restaurants i've ever been to PERIOD!