Friday, May 7, 2010

stranger 18 :: elya

the is elya, she was the last to be photographed individually. as i was showing her her photos she screamed "i look naked!" when i came across one without her straps showing. I made sure the portrait i chose had her straps in it. Luckily it was my favorite as well.

stranger 17 :: kaaran

although this is a serious portrait of kaaran, she has a great smile! i think this was the only photo i have of her not smiling, but there's something really serene about this one to me. check out her smile in the group shot!

stranger 16 :: jaylie

jaylie was the second of the group to be photographed. her whole look was just completely stunning, such a natural beauty. it was hard to choose just one portrait of her.

stranger 15 :: christina

christina was the first volunteer to get her individual portrait taken. the first couple shots i got of her had candy apple ALL of her face. this photo is from our "reshoot". her outtakes are quite silly. i'm guessing she's the entertainment in the group often.

strangers :: 15 - 18

i met these 4 young ladies sitting on some steps outside the carnival, talking to one another like 13 years olds do. they were all very sweet and very excited to have their pictures taken. i spent quite a bit of time with them compared to other portraits. i'm really excited to have some young blood in this project now.

stranger 14 :: arnando

arnando!! arnando was finishing off his ice cream when i approached him. i told him that i liked his hat and that i'd like to take a picture of him. i don't believe that he understood much english. but i motioned to my camera and his hat and he turn towards me. i showed him his picture afterwards and said, "very handsome". he nodded in response. i think he understands english perfectly.

stranger 13 :: ashley

this is actually my second shoot of ashley. i approached ashley at the candy apple cart (nom nom nom). the colors of the apples were a brilliant red... candy apple red. i took a few shots of her with the apples, but the angle was off, and she wasn't interested in looking at me.
i told her thank you, and walked away reviewing my pictures. i was not really happy with them. i asked her for just one more picture looking directly at me. and i'm glad i did.

stranger 12 :: john

this is john. he didn't say much when i approached him. i asked him to take his picture - he shrugged and nodded. i told him why - he nodded again. i said thank you, he gave me one quick downward nod. beginning to think he might be mute, i went out on a limb and asked him his name. he told it me it was john.
later i was walking past one of the games at the carnival and there john was on the microphone VERY loud trying to bring people into the game. what gives?! :P

stranger 11 :: frank

i intentionally went out in search of strangers after work today. i specifically went to 25th street between 8th & 9th because i saw a carnival being set up the day before.
i was taking pictures of the peppers hanging in the windows of the sausage truck and frank was watching me. when i looked up he would look away. after this happened a couple times. i asked frank if i could take his picture and he said sure. i explained to him why, but he didn't really seem interested. oh well.