Sunday, April 11, 2010

stranger 10 :: julia

This is Julia. Her portrait was more of a "click and run" sort of photo. I saw her coming down the street in New York with this beautiful bird on her shoulder and just HAD to stop her. I didn't really have a choice. So I jumped in front of her as she passed, asking to take her picture. That was about it. I got her name but didn't get the birds name. Darn it. :)

stranger 9 :: miguel

I met Miguel in Manhattan on a trip around the Lower East Side with a few friends. It was a quick encounter, but Miguel was very gracious allowing me to take his picture. He's actually the first person I've showed the pictures to after taking them. From his reaction, I think he really liked them. Throughout the day I kept going back through my camera looking at this shot, hoping it would be just as great when I uploaded it. It definitely is, and is quickly becoming my new favorite. Thanks Miguel!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

stranger 8 :: loretta

I saw Loretta and (who I assumed to be) her daughter taking pictures of each other at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. I didn't want to interrupt them, but Loretta looked so great with her bright pink sweater, I just had to ask. Her daughter mentioned that she wore the same sweater last year when they came to see the cherry blossoms. Who knows, maybe I'll run into them again next year :)

stranger 7 :: ruth

I met Ruth while I was at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens on a Saturday morning. I saw her taking pictures like everyone else. She seemed very approachable. Told me that her full name is Ruth Rose (how beautiful!). We parted ways, as Ruth went to photograph a bird. I obviously don't know Ruth personally, but I feel like her portrait just radiates her kindness and good heart.