Sunday, February 21, 2010

.:bay ridge, brooklyn:.

stranger 5 :: andy

I met Andy on a field trip with my friends out to Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. We stopped at The Salty Dog Bar & Grill for a quick drink before we moseyed on our way, but ended up staying for lunch. Andy was our bartender & server for the afternoon. I first asked if I could take his picture, and I got a big fat no. Then I told him why and all about my 100 strangers project. Andy was a good sport and just like I promised, it was painless. Thanks Andy!!

stranger 4 :: assunta

I met Assunta on a field trip with my friends out to Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. On a quick detour, part of the group decided that they wanted to check out the bakery across the street, so we all went along. That's where I met Assunta. Being a large group we all got to talking to her and she invited us (all 9 of us) into the backroom where they do all the baking. It was amazing! Seeing all the old equipment and smelling the fresh bread was about the coolest thing that we did that day. She even let us stick our heads a little too close into the brick oven to check out the flames from the coals.
Assunta owns St. Anthony's Bakery and has worked there for the last 30 years.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Thursday, February 4, 2010

stranger 3 :: mark

This is Mark. We met just a few minutes after the photo of Jim was taken. Mark owns the restaurant "Fish Camp" in Siesta Key as well as a few others. It opened just a few days before we met. I let Mark know that he looks like George Clooney. Right away you could tell that it wasn't the first time he had hear this. He said he's gotten Rosemary Clooney before. We got into some camera talk and he told me that he's made a few films and also used to live in Brooklyn.

stranger 2 :: jim

This is Jim. I met Jim while I was in Sarasota. He was standing outside an old movie theater giving out promo cards for his restaurant "Panini Press". He told me that they have the best coffee in Sarasota, because they roast their beans right there. I never got a chance to try it, but I'm sure he was right.
Come to find out Jim used to work as a rep for a major pharmaceutical company and used to live in NJ. Sarasota seems to suit him just fine.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

stranger 1 :: antoni

This is Antoni. We met at JFK. He was heading to Vegas with his son in law as I was heading to Sarasota with my boyfriend. He asked us where he could find the smoking area. I think he was joking but you couldn't really tell.